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Build the Stoke – Recall Micro-Course Fall 2022

If you have always wanted a dog who comes back reliably when called, you’ve got to put in the work. This clinic will teach you everything you need to know to teach your dog the recall of your dreams.

The clinic will take place over 3 separate 1 hour sessions:


During this 1 hour virtual session (will be recorded), we’ll go over all the basics that aren’t about the hands on training. Everything from what you need to know about how dogs learn, to how to help all dogs succeed with recall, how to learn what motivates your dog, and some exercises to start building the foundation you need before our first in-person session. This will allow us to hit the ground running during our in-person time.

In person sessions

During these two one our sessions we’ll practice hands on exercises and drills outside to build the recall you’ve always wanted. We’ll cover it all from the basics to how to work on recall around small prey, recall from other dogs and how to keep the progress going after the clinic. Be prepared to work outside (water for you and your dog, sunscreen and bug spray).

Limited spots available. Location details to be announced to participants. All participants will receive detailed write ups of each exercise.


REGISTRATION CLOSED: September Micro-Course: Monday September 19th 7pm (Virtual), Saturday September 24th 10am, Saturday October 1st 10am

REGISTRATION CLOSED: October Micro-Course: Monday October 3rd 5pm (Virtual), Monday October 10th 5pm, Monday October 17th 5pm

November Micro-Course: Monday November 14th 7pm (Virtual), Saturday November 19th 11am, Saturday November 26th 11am

Harness the Stoke – Leash Skills Clinic

If you’re tired of being dragged around, if your arm is constantly hurting or you feel like you can’t get anywhere because your dog just pulls non-stop on leash, this clinic is for you!

This 1 hour clinic will take place outside and will go over some loose leash walking training principles. You’ll get a bit of homework ahead of time to prepare and get the most out of our 1 hour together.

Get the knowledge you need to stop the pulling and start enjoying your walks together.

If your dog is over 6 months of age, does not have issues around other dogs, this clinic is for you.

Available on two dates: Monday October 3rd 7pm & Saturday November 19th 2pm

*** Stoked Dogs is currently searching for a rental location. Dates TBD***

Bunny Hill Shredders – Puppy Class

For dogs under 5 months, this five week class is all about starting things off right with your puppy! We’ll cover socialization, handling work, potty training, how dogs learn and how we can teach them, 14 foundational skills and much more! You’ll be on your way to getting that well behaved puppy you’ve been hoping for!

There are 2 options offered for this class. The regular class option includes participation in the weekly zoom class session including an opportunity to ask questions from the trainer, as well as support via email throughout the course and an opportunity to submit additional training videos for more support. You’ll also receive a recording of each class and weekly homework! Limited spaces available!

The Audit version of this course includes a recording of each weekly class as well as the weekly homework.

*Please note, this class is only open to those residing in Canada due to insurance limitations.

Let’s hit the greens! – Essential K9 Skills

For dogs over 5 months of age, our starter level skills class is all about teaching you the foundational skills you need to teach your dog how to navigate our human world. You’ll learn everything from teaching your dog how to focus (even around other dogs), recall, walk on a leash without ripping your arm off, and many more.

Intermediate blue riders! – Intermediate K9 Skills

This is for dogs who have graduated from the greens and are looking to improve on their foundational skills. We’ll work on proofing those foundational skills and include some more complex skills as well. 

Expert Black Diamond riders! – Advanced K9 Skills

Our highest level of k9 skills class! This is for those who can’t get enough of training and want to take it up a notch! Here, we’ll work in new environments to proof existing skills and we’ll take on some truly advanced training. Expect to work off leash most of the time in this class. 

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