No, your dog is not just being dramatic

There has been a disappointing, even quite disturbing trend, on social media lately. Accounts have been posting videos of dogs in distress, as “funny” videos of dogs just “being dramatic”. The dogs in all cases are not in life threatening situations. In fact they are often in very normal situations such as having their nailsContinue reading “No, your dog is not just being dramatic”

As seen on TV: Canine Intervention

Good dog training generally doesn’t make for good television. Television shows are about instant gratification. Magnificent makeovers done in 20 minutes. Full home builds and renovations in 55 minutes. It’s about showing one extreme to another. When it comes to good dog training (by this, I mean ethical, humane and science-based dog training) on television,Continue reading “As seen on TV: Canine Intervention”

Not all dogs love all dogs

If you’ve got a 3-4 year old dog, you may have noticed some changes in their social behaviour. Perhaps they aren’t as interested in playing with new dogs. Or perhaps you’re noticing their patience is waning with younger dogs. You’re likely seeing a very normal change in social behaviour, the change to becoming dog-selective. AContinue reading “Not all dogs love all dogs”

Why are puppy classes important?

So you just got a puppy and everyone is asking you when you’re starting puppy class but you don’t know why you even need to do it. In this post, I’ll break down the important benefits of attending a puppy class. Learning how to socialize your puppy. Socializing your puppy is not just about gettingContinue reading “Why are puppy classes important?”